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Do you make a review of the property after Check-out?

We will confirm that your property has not suffered any damage (torn couch, damaged wall…). Your Bnbsitter will proceed then to the secure closing of your property: – Closing windows – Turning off lights and heaters – Closing and locking your door We might not notice a missing fork, but do not fear, if we

How should I predict the departure time?

Depending on the departure time preferred by your guests, we recommend that you foresee your service of Check-out 30 minutes before, in order to have enough time to make a tour around the property, take notes on its state and pick up the keys. It is important to let your guests know that they will

I do not know the arrival time of my guests yet.

We recommend that you book the service after being notified of the guests’ arrival time. We can book your Check-in service up to one day before your guests’ arrival. There is no rush. You can, however, already book at no charge your initial visit and key pick-up, if you are a new client!

My guests are late, what will happen?

Don’t worry! Your Bnbsitter will wait for your guests up to 30 minutes after the time that you set when you booked the service. The Bnbsitter will be in touch with your guests to confirm their arrival time. If there is no sign of your guests 30 minutes after the set Check-in time, he/she will

How do I calculate the guests’ arrival time to my property?

We recommend that you foresee three hours between your guests’ plane landing and the time you will set for the Arrival (Check-in) service. We will recommend a “caffe” close to your property where they can wait in case of an early arrival. Don’t worry, our Bnbsitters are always extremely punctual, if not early.